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Bye Bye Tribune Delivery

First I’ll say that I LOVE MY IPAD.  I’ve had both the original version and then got the IPAD2 and while it took me awhile to play with some of the apps, I’m now at a point where it is now doing multiple things for me in my day-to-day life.

My latest find is an app that the Tribune recently released.  The entire issue of each paper is available through this app. You can flip pages and zoom in/out on any part of the paper.  The best thing about it is that subscription to get every issue is only $1 a month.  Yep, that’s right… ONE DOLLAR a month.  I’m currently paying around $12/month (with tip) to have it thrown on the driveway.  When rainy season comes, I lose about a paper every 2 weeks to a badly wrapped paper.  Now, I ‘m saving about $11/month and never have to deal with a drenched paper again!

When I used to deliver the Oakland Tribune back in the old days (!), I used to porch every paper.  Didn’t throw it either, I placed it.  I guess those times are long gone. Now the paper will just appear on my IPAD every morning.

Like I said…I LOVE MY IPAD!

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