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Beware when you register on!

The company that manages, Move Inc., continues to struggle with earnings and their stock dropped over 10% this week alone. They are coming out with a new interface with and going to be adding other stuff (such as Zillow-like valuations) later this year to try to keep visitors coming to the site. But, they are also looking how to beef up advertising revenue from national companies. It appears one way is to utilize the contact info when someone registers on the site. This is from the transcript of their latest quarterly conference call which happened last week:

“As our improved consumer experience generates longer and more repeated session time, this registration process is enabling us to capture more information about our consumers, understand their needs and translate that in to extremely targeted and valuable advertising opportunities. “

So, your contact info will be translated into “extremely targeted and valuable advertising opportunities” which sounds like your info will be sold to some advertiser.

I am proud to say that none of the information that you put in to receive any of my reports is used for anything other than getting you the information you requested!

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile