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Beware of Stealth Real Estate Websites

I ran across a website tonite that is what’s called a “stealth” site. The site does not mention a real estate brokerage, nor agent. The site promises a lot of things like real estate articles and new listings but everything takes you to a page to fill out your contact info. Some believe that if consumers don’t see a Realtor’s name or company name, they are more likely to give away their contact info. Whomever owns this site is using Pay Per Click on Google to try to get people to come visit the site.

This is the website-

If you read my blog, I would bet that you are smart enough about the Internet not to be fooled to giving your contact info away to a site that offers you NOTHING. You’ll probably be put on a list and have some pushy sales person hound you or get a lot of SPAM email.

If this is a Realtor that owns this site, they are violating the Realtor Code of Ethics and shame, shame, shame on them. Who would want to do business with a Realtor that can’t even be upfront about who they are and use “tricks” to try to get a sales lead.

These are the sections of the Realtor Code of Ethics that this site violates:

  • Standard of Practice 12-9

  • REALTOR® firm websites shall disclose the firm’s name and state(s) of licensure in a reasonable and readily apparent manner.

    Article 12
    REALTORS® shall be honest and truthful in their real estate communications and shall present a true picture in their advertising, marketing, and other representations. REALTORS® shall ensure that their status as real estate professionals is readily apparent in their advertising, marketing, and other representations, and that the recipients of all real estate communications are, or have been, notified that those communications are from a real estate professional.

    If you are interested in reading the entire Realtor Code of Ethics, you can see it here.


    Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile