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Beware of KCOY “Real Deals”

KCOY has a coupon offering where you can get restaurant meals for usually 1/2 the price. I ordered one last summer for a new restaurant in Pismo Beach and they sent me one of those cards with the amount programmed into it. It was a nice way to try out the restaurant. A recently saw an advertisement for a new deal they were offering for a new Mexican restaurant in Pismo Beach. I thought again that this was a great way of trying out the restaurant with my family. But, what I received this time was multiple certficates with one huge restriction “only one certificate per table per visit”. So, I’m stuck to having to visit the restaurant EIGHT seperate times to use the certficates.

KCOY fails to tell you about any restrictions there are on these “Real Deals” when you order them through their website so beware. This particular deal is no better than the coupons I get in the mail that give you $10 off two entrees. Actually it’s worse since they lock you into having to visit the restaurant multiple times just to get your money back since you have to pay for the coupons.

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile