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Because of the amount of people that read this blog, I thought I’d give this a try…

I know a 17 year old girl (turns 18 in September) that is looking for a job where she can best utilize her strengths and talents. While only 17, she is very mature for her age. She graduated high school at 16 and has already received her college AA degree and is working on her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology which she plans to have at 19 and her Masters at 21.

She has a friendly personality which is contagious to the people she is around. She is currently working in retail and is doing well but only getting paid close to minimum wage. The business she is working at right now (a clothing store) offers a discount on purchase if you sign up for the in-store credit card. She holds the store record for the number of credit card sign-ups for a day. She’s not high-pressure, she just has a friendly personality that people react favorably to. She also knows sign language and has good computer skills.

If you know of any positions where her talents may be great for, drop me an email (

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