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Barry Stone, Home Inspector

I’ve used Barry Stone Home Inspections and have always been happy with them. Barry has done TONS of home inspections which I feel is the most important part of evaluating a home inspector…experience! I feel his inspections are always done at the same level of detail, no matter who has ordered the home inspection (Buyer or Seller).

I’ve heard some real estate agents say that they don’t like a home inspector as they’ve brought up something that killed a deal. There are actually some agents who want an inspector to leave something out of a report if they think it will mess with their commission. I cringe when I hear something like this as this is just plain WRONG. This isn’t just with home inspectors either, I’ve had one Pest Inspector who asked me what I wanted on the report (they are no longer in business).

I wish I had known about Barry when I purchased my home back in 2002. I had a home inspection performed by a company that my Realtor recommended. Over the years I’ve had maintenance items and a lot of the items should have been noted in the inspection and fixed by the Seller. Now that I’ve been in the business for awhile and have seen how Barry performs Home Inspections, I realize my Realtor did not recommend a good one and it’s costing me now.

Barry writes a syndicated column on home inspection which he shares some of his knowledge and advice. Our local paper doesn’t carry his column but thanks to the Internet, you can read it online here.

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile