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Bad Air?

The American Lung Association released it’s 2010 “State of the Air” report and SLO County was listed as one of the worst in the country for Ozone. According to a news site the data was thrown off by a sampling station in the Eastern most part of the County plus other samples being taken when the wildfires were happening in Santa Barbara County.

What I thought was interesting are the details the report contained about how much of the County’s population has respiratory problems.

Total Population (SLO County): 265,297
Under 18: 49,431
Over 65: 38,323

Pediatric Asthma: 4,653
Adult Asthma: 18,160
Chronic Bronchitis: 9,359
Emphysema: 3,670
Cardiovascular Disease: 78,385
Diabetes: 19,440

Read the full report here

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile