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The Automated Home Value tool on my website has been improved. First, you don’t have to wait to get the report in your email as it runs and displays the report for you after you hit submit (give it a few seconds to run).

Second, you don’t need to put in a valid email address if you don’t want to. Before, you needed to do this to receive the report. If you’ve run home value reports from this tool before, you know I didn’t do anything with your email address like put you on one of those “canned” real estate mailing newsletter lists. I know that you might have been burned before by one of those sites requiring you to enter in your contact information only to find out that you don’t get any instant info, just a call from a salesperson. Some agent websites still require you to register before you can search the MLS but NOT! So, to further my offerings of anonymous real estate information gathering, you can now get your automated report anonymously too. Just enter in some address like so the system will accept it. All I ask is that you remember if you need a professional Realtor to help you buy or sell a home. I have a team of Realtors around the County that can help you based on your particular needs.

Lastly, the information that is used to calculate the online home valuations has also improved. Previously, details about a home (like square footage, # of bedrooms, etc.) was missing for most properties but that is no longer the case.

Click here to use the IMPROVED home valuation tool! There is also a link to it on the home page.

Also remember that you can lookup homes in any part of the U.S. with this tool.

ps. I’d appreciate it if you would help spread the word about the info I provide on !!! THANKS

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