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Arroyo Grande High at Robotics Competition

The 2nd day of the San Diego Regional Robotics competition is happening today. This is an annual competition where students are given the competition info after New Years and have around 6 weeks to build the robot. Our local team worked on the robot from 4-9 every day after school and 5 hours on Saturdays too.

My daughter is on the Arroyo Grande High team in the development group (she designed the conveyor belt system that takes balls picked up by the robot up to the hopper and “shooter”). The first day of competition was Friday and they are currently tied for 2nd place with another team with 37 total teams participating. While most the students are from Arroyo Grande High, there is a student on the team from San Luis Obispo High too.

They also won the Delphi Driving Tomorrow’s Technology Award Friday for their use of a gyroscope in their design. If you’re interested in seeing their design, check it out here. There is also a link to a video of the robot being tested before shipping it to San Diego.

This is an incredible experience for the students and supported by donations from local businesses. We don’t have too many technology companies around our area like other schools do so getting donations is tough every year, even more so this year.

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