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Are Virtual Tours Worth It?

Here’s an article from Forbes about Virtual Tours and following are my comments on the article…

What I think is interesting is that the people in the article that are promoting the value of Virtual Tours are vendors that make money when agents create a Virtual Tour. While both the Realtors in the article that use Virtual Tours question if they help sell a home.

I’m not convinced about the claim that properties with Virtual Tours get more views. They used to use this claim years ago when they were trying to get agent’s to pay them to “enhance” their listings. is maintained by Move Inc., a public company, who is still trying to figure out how to generate a profit with I searched their site and could find no mention of this Virtual Tour claim so I think it’s just an outdated claim. In my experience with enhancing the listing on, I didn’t feel there was much difference.

My belief that a set of great looking photos that will get someone interested in a property is the most important way to market a home. I’ll pass on the “pan and zoom” motion people put on a photo, jerky 360 degree views that make some people ill, and adding music to a slide show. Actually, music is a danger as people searching the Internet from work don’t want to go to a site that has music so others in the office will know they are surfing the net.

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile