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Another Tough Year for Local Real Estate Agents

1610 of the 2300+ Real Estate Agents on the Central Coast had at least one Residential Sale (buyer or listing) in 2011. That’s 700 that didn’t make a single penny. Actually they lost about $1000 for the year because of Realtor and MLS dues.  Only 896 agents had Sales over $1 Million.

$1 Million in Sales is about $19,000 in earnings once you take out the commission splits, Brokerage fees, and Realtor/MLS dues. 515 Agents had over $2 Million in Sales in 2011.  338 had over $3 Million. 225 over $4 Million.  148 over $5 Million.  108 over $6 Million. 85 over $7 Million. 63 over $8 Million.  47 over $9 Million. 34 over $10 Million. 27 over $11 Million.  2 Agents had over $20 Million in Sales, which a few years ago would have been a couple oceanfront home sales.

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile