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Another sleazy real estate website

I ran across the following website while searching Google. It advertises itself in Google as providing 100% free access to search for homes in the SLO area.

The first red flag is the header that says “Instantly Search 10,000+ SLO Area Homes for Sale” which is way above how many homes are currently on the market.

The first screen looks like the way you’d begin a home search but 2 screens later, you’re greeted with the infamous FORM. Since no Brokerage is identified on any of the pages, I thought I’d do some investigation.

Turns out, the site is owned by a mid-west company. They get real estate agents to pay them money to get contact information from people thinking they were going to “instantly search” for SLO area homes. I found this on their site:

“This Site and the services offered herein are provided solely as a forum and technical interface that connects homeowners with locally licensed real estate agents, brokers and other house-related service providers. We do not provide any real estate, appraisal or house-related services, and do not hold ourselves out as being licensed to perform any such services. We do not sponsor, endorse, recommend or approve of any real estate agent, broker or other house-related service provider who offers services through this Site.”

I’m tempted to fill out the form to see what agent is supporting the practice of deceiving the public with false claims in order to get a “sales lead”.

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile