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Another Scam Making the Email Rounds

I just received an email from someone wanting to buy a home. Nothing wrong with that!  He says he needs one immediately to relocate his family. Ok!   He wants MLS Listings sent to him from $200K to $700K. Hmmmm that’s a pretty big price range. And he wants a swimming pool. Ok, now I’m really wondering if this guy is for real. He has a UK address too.  He says he’s a MD and the Subject of the email was “Department of Social Work” which is a weird title.

I googled his name and found out what scam he’s running. He’s done this all over the country.

What he does is says he wants to buy one of the listings an agent sends him, sight unseen. Agrees to pay almost asking price.  He then sends a check to cover deposit and proof of funds (I read $150K in one instance).  Then, he wants to cancel the contract…hoping the Broker deposited it and would send him a refund out of their account BEFORE the bank finds out that the $150K check is no good.

If you’re selling your home right now, I hope your Buyer isn’t someone who is buying it sight unseen from another country!

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile