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Amsterdam “Flash Banner” Event on Web Cam

Remember that Amsterdam web camera I posted about not too long ago? I didn’t mention then that I would be in Amsterdam this past week (just got back tonite, without my luggage though). I thought I’d be the first to do a “Flash Banner” when I was there. Sort of like a Flash Mob but with a banner on the live web camera. When I originally thought of the idea, there wasn’t any construction going on there either but we were able to get in front of the temporary fence.

You’ll need to play it at full screen to read the banner but it does say “”. My daughter recorded it off the screen so it’s not as clear as the actual web camera. I should have yelled something since the audio was good.

And yes….I had a GREAT time. I’ve got some other videos and things to share. At first, I didn’t know where in the city this camera was located but it turns out it was in an area that I know real well. One of my favorite Indonesian restaurants (Sahid Jaya) is about a block away from here and I must have passed through this area on the trams about a dozen times during my stay.

The Flash Banner event was last Friday (October 6th) at 6 PM Amsterdam time (9 AM here).

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