Amphitheater Rivals Big City Venues

michael and zhara 2bruce hornsbyVina Robles Amphitheater – Soon the word will be out and this fabulously intimate new outdoor venue will be no longer low key.  If you love live music, you must check out the well thought out line up this venue offers.  The talent seems to have been chosen for their ability to perform and engage the audience as each concert I have attended has been a fabulous experience………more than I expected, truth be told.   The tickets may feel on the high side for our area but there are no bad seats. There is also a way to shave off a bit of the online cost by going on concerts nights and purchasing at the box office. Food, beer and wine is available, very good and quite reasonable. Photos are of the charismatic Michael Franti and girlfriend Zara personally take pictures of fans and music man Bruce Hornsby’s high energy group as they wow fans.  For more info go to