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According to a legal study by the National Association of Realtors, the top 3 source of lawsuits for the real estate industry are commission disputes, property-condition disclosure and agency issues

You can avoid commission disputes by choosing one Realtor to assist you. It gets sticky if you view a home with one Realtor and then end up buying it using another Realtor to represent you. The industry has what is called “procuring cause” which says if a Realtor is first to show a home, they may be entitled to the commission regardless if another Realtor handles the transaction.

It gets stickier with Open Houses. Most Open Houses are not hosted by Listing Agents. They are usually hosted by agents in the office that use Open Houses as a way to find Buyer leads.

Here’s an article about procuring cause

When you go to an Open House and asked if you are represented by an agent, just tell them you are represented by Keith Byrd. By saying my name doesn’t mean that I’m entitled to anything. It just will get them from trying to get you to commit to using them to Buy a home and allow you to see the Open House without feeling like you’ve been labeled a “sales lead”.

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