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February 2, 2009

Light, Bright and Airy Home Staging Tips

Removing the buyers objections! So often I get questions from sellers and Realtors alike about staging being decorating. I can’t say it enough, staging is not decorating! Decorating is personal, staging is homey but neutral. It makes a home feel like almost anyone could live there! Staging is about coming through a home with a fresh perspective and removing red flags and objections that buyers may have about your home. Staging is about accentuating the positive, so that buyers fall in love with your home; then a few small negatives don’t matter so much, because they love it! By removing objections it enables them to see themselves in your home. It also keeps buyers from huge price reductions, since buyers and Realtors will often perceive that your staged home has greater value than a similar non-staged home in your neighborhood.

Here is a great example about staging details: Last week we were staging a brand new home, never been lived in. It had a rock and barked front entry – should be low or no maintenance – but it had so many weeds growing up through the rocks, that it went from being no maintenance, to looking like a hassle of endless weeding. Simply by pulling the weeds from the rocks, the curb appeal went from lots of work, back to simple, like it was intended. Don’t miss the details!!

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