Spring is here!

Kinda hard to think spring is here with all the cold weather we have been having. This is the day when we have equal amounts of daylight and darkness.

If you haven’t heard already, Central Coast residents can hop on a plane to Las Vegas out of Santa Maria. Allegiant Air started service in January with a weekend flight and now are going to add a Wednesday flight. They are hoping that not only will Central Coast residents use the flight to go to Vegas but also give Vegas residents a way to come to the Central Coast to vacation too. Click here for their website.

Property Tax Reminder

The second installment for the 2005/2006 property tax bill was due on 2-01-06 and is deliquent if not received by 4-10-06.

Are you looking for a vacation home near the ocean? I’ll be putting a Pismo Beach condo on the market in a few days. It’s up by McLintock’s. Ocean view with one bedroom with one and a half bath. Complex has pool, tennis courts, and spa for $599,000. Just in time for Spring! Contact me if you’re interested.

Here’s some interesting info about real estate licenses and Realtors.

In January, there were 481,319 real estate licensees in California, a 55% increase since January 2001. Of those, only 180,000 are Realtors. I didn’t realize how many non-Realtors were out there selling real estate. Make sure you ask an agent/broker if they are a Realtor. If you buy or sell a home, I would also ask if the licensed agent representing the other party in your transacation is also a Realtor. While they don’t have to be, I’d want to know. Realtors are bound by the Realtor Code of Ethics which is imporant, IMO.

Cal Poly to Break Ground on New Student City

This Friday, Cal Poly will officially start construction on the new housing developement in Poly Canyon.

This is from a Cal Poly press release:

Cal Poly officials will break ground for Poly Canyon Village , the university’s newest student housing project on Friday, March 17, at 1:30 p.m. on the Horticulture Lawn, located at the end of Via Carta adjacent to the Arboretum. The event is open to the campus community.
Cal Poly administrators will discuss the project and participate in a ceremonial ground-breaking that will be followed by an official tractor groundbreaking. Refreshments will be served.

Believed to be the largest student housing project in the country, Poly Canyon Village provides for three residential village or neighborhood areas to house approximately 2,700 students. The complex includes two parking structures totaling 1,900 parking spaces, commercial village areas with retail and food service space, and a recreation center with a swimming pool.

Listing a square footage when selling a home is getting riskier, legally speaking. Because people have sued when the square footage quoted wasn’t correct, some Realtors will no longer put the square footage in the listing. One problem is that there isn’t an agreed upon way of measuring square footage. The following is from a discussion on this topic.

“We’ve had architects and appraisers provide insight and they do not agree. For example: architects measure from the outside of the wall to the outside of the wall. Appraiser and Realtors usually only measure from wall to wall and in many instances fail to allow for unused space like closets, stairwells and other storage areas. The total area is usually easier to ascertain, as you can measure the foundation including garages, entry ways and patios. “

So, if you are looking at a home and don’t find the square footage mentioned, this may be the reason why.

A short while ago I wrote about Arroyo Grande’s proposed solicitation ordinance. It appears that the city will vote on it tomorrow. I received a message from our local Realtor organization encouraging us to go to the meeting tomorrow to claify if the new ordinance means real estate agents can’t go knocking on doors in neighborhoods too. I’m really not sure why Realtors should be given an exclusion unless they are going to do the same with newspaper sales, painters, landscapers, etc. I’ve never “walked a neighborhood” going door to door. If I relied on that sales method to put food on the table, I’d probably have a different opinion.

Three adjacent oceanview lots in Pismo Heights came on the market today. Each of them is 50 x 100. Approved plans for 3 homes included. Asking $2.4 Million total for all three lots.

A 15 acre parcel in Templeton also came on the market. Comes with approved plans for a winery and tasting room. Asking $1.5 Million.