Wow. A still under construction 5,000 sq foot home in Cabrillo Estates of Los Osos price was just raised $400,000 to $4.3 Million. It’s been on the market for 60 days. Not sure why such a big price increase if it wasn’t selling at $3.9 Million. Usually after 60 days you try lowering the price to hopefully bring a Buyer.

I found a link to webpage about a shopping center in the Bay Area that has been demolished and being rebuilt with mixed use properties. There is a live webcam for the construction project. While there isn’t much to see yet, the web camera is pretty interesting. You can take control of the camera and zoom in on the Denny’s across the street and see people eating. Ok, so it’s a little Big Brother-ish but fun to play with. Here’s the web cam.

A Kohl’s department store is starting construction in Southern Santa Maria near Broadway and McCoy. The job board postings I found say that it will be open in October.

False alarm about my Home Value service being fixed. My vendor says there is a problem with the data file from the San Luis Obispo county assessor causing lots of properties to not be found. When they fix it, I’ll post back to the blog. You should be able to get home values for cities outside of SLO County though.

My automated home valuation is working again. I ran some test addresses and the system didn’t find all of the properties though. I’d be interested in hearing from you if you are having problems getting the neighborhood home solds report. I’m paying enough for it so it should be working!!! You can send me an email or just fill out my contact form here.

The Home Value page is here.

Pro bikers will be riding through the Central Coast next week on a 600 mile tour.

Next Thursday, stage 4 starts in Monterey and ends in San Luis Obispo. Stage 5 starts from SLO on Friday. Most of downtown SLO streets will be closed on Thursday for a festival from 11 to 4. It sounds like the riders will be coming in around 4 since they plan to close Chorro Street (all the way up to Highland) from 3-4 pm. On Friday, the cyclists leave Mission Plaza at 10 AM and there will be some road closures until around 1 PM. Here’s the website for the tour.

I think ESPN is going to be televising it so if you want a chance to be seen on tv, you might want to head downtown either Thursday afternoon when they arrive or Friday morning when they leave!

Two properties with asking prices of $3.2 Million came on the market today.

One is an 86 acre property with ocean views in Nipomo came on the market today. It has 30 level acres with home, guest home, and barns.

The other is 130 acre vineyard property in San Miguel.

Can you believe the weather the past few days. Absolutely GORGEOUS!

Here’s a photo I took today of the sunset in Morro Bay. Hope it takes you there! You can click it and it will display a larger photo for you.