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15,000+ Additional Graphs of Central Coast Market Statistics

The Keith Byrd Team is proud to announce that we have added a HUGE number of statistics graphs, over 15,000, to help our clients understand what’s going on in the local real estate market.  One challenge with real estate market statistics is to provide a level of detail that helps to show what is really happening in the market for a particular type of property. Today, some limited real estate statistics are reported for California and San Luis Obispo County by the local media (typically median home price and total number of sales) but these don’t even begin to tell the story.

Our first interactive statistics dashboard provided details down to the city level for different property types. What a Dashboard does is take a whole bunch of information and provides an easy way for that information to be presented. We create the dashboards ourselves, in a flash-based presentation that downloads all the graphs when the page is initially accessed. This enables different criteria (cities, property types) to be graphed with yearly data back to 2000.  We provide multiple types of reports that you can choose; foreclosure mix, total # of sales, median home prices (includes median home prices for short sales, REOs, and non-distressed properties), list price to sell price percentage, $/sq ft, and Days on Market.

This was a great first step to help Buyers and Sellers looking for market information to be able to see trends.  But if your property of interest was a 1250 sq foot home, you’re going to have different statistics than a 3100 sq ft home in the same city. To provide a further level of detail, we are proud to announce the immediate availability of  seven additional statistics dashboards using ranges for square footage. Using the example above, for the stats for a 1250 sq foot home you would use the new 1001-1500 sq ft Dashboard. The person with interest in the 3100 sq ft home would use the 3001-3500 sq ft Dashboard.

In addition, we’ve added TWO NEW Dashboards based on a time period.  The first is a Month vs. Same Month comparison. You can compare April 2011 to April 2010 and every April down to the year 2000.  The second dashboard is a Year-To-Date one.  For example, the current one has Jan-April for each year. This allows you to compare total number of sales vs. the same YTD for other years (back to 2000).

And that’s not it!  We also have ADDED a Million Dollar Property Dashboard to  track this type of property.

To access the index, just choose “Mkt Statistics” from our website top menu or “Median Home Prices” from the top Blog menu…or click here.

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